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The maxim “without marketing the best products are doomed to fail” is especially true in the consumer electronic markets. There hundreds of awesome products that never even made it to the consumer because of a lack of advertising and marketing. Don’t become yet another statistic!

Why Choose Rize AVS?

  • Detailed knowledge of the Consumer Electronics industry
  • Decades of experience as a manufactuer of consumers electronics
  • Huge library of industry product images
  • 100,000+ licensed lifestyle images for use in projects
  • Industry expert content copy writers
  • Helped market and grow 1000+ AV Integration firms

Our Focus!

We specialize in working with manufacturing companies of consumer electronics including AV and Security products to develop their brands so they can compete effectively and market their products and services in their respective markets. We also enable them to manage their digital online presence, reputations and rankings. We have been helping companies big and small grow their business since 2008.

Rize AVS is a division of Rize Marketing Company, a multi-discipline marketing agency with decades of industry experience and expertise, allowing us to develop marketing programs that provide the best results for the value.

A Few Of Our Manufacturing Customers

Specialty Manufacturer Products

We have put together a list some of the specialty products and services that we offer specifically for our consumer electronic manufactuers.

We also offer a full portfolio of other marketing materials categorized in our website menu. To learn more about these products and services select “Learn More”

Multinational Websites

Whether you sell your products or services in one country or many, we can design and develop just the right website that intelligently configures its self to your target audience. Multi-lingual, select products per market, or eCommerce options.

Product Branding

Developing successful products can take years and cost small fortunes. With our product branding services we can take your product and add those final touches that indelibly links it to your overall brand identity and company culture.

Dealer Programs

Every successful manufacturer needs to have a well thought out and executed program for their dealers. This starts with a sales program and progresses to installation instructions and follows up with a proper support and warranty program.

Event Design

Whether you are attending a local dealer event or exhibiting at CEDIA, we have both pre-packaged booths and fully custom designed layouts and furniture. We provide both the graphics and the hardware so all you need to do is attend and sell.

Product Promotion

Launching a new product or reviving a slow selling model, our team has the experience to put together a campaign to draw a crowd and get your product selling. We can develop and manage campaigns from start to finish or enhance an existing campaign.

Product Packaging

Packaging and Presentation help determine that all important first impression, especially for products that are targeting consumers. Included in this category are packaging design, product placement, and even quick start instructions and other manuals.

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