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Marketing has transformed and moved online over the last decade making it an essential necessity for any company wanting to become or remain successful. Each Digital Marketing program is custom tailored and designed to your specific goals and specifications.

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Connect with customers through online digital channels leveraging marketing tactics such as search marketing, content programs, email marketing, and social media channels!

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Connecting With Customers Digitally

Digital Marketing is the marketing of a brand, its products or services using digital technologies, mainly online on the Internet, but also includes mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital mediums.

Effective Digital Marketing campaigns include multiple disciplines. For example, an online paid advert directs a potential customer to a website for more details where they are provided with additional articles, images, videos, reviews, and even live chat should they have additional questions. These digital elements all work together to convert that visitor into a customer.

Digital Marketing works best when a strategy has been developed along the potential customer’s journey. This starts with finding and attracting a potential customer, then converting them and closing the sale. This is followed by keeping them captivated and nurturing their experience to keep them loyal and repeat customers.


Email Marketing ROI - email generate about $38 for $1 spent


Paid Search ROI - results instantly bring visitors to your website


Search Engine Optimization ROI - needs time to achieve it's target goals


Content Marketing ROI - a major factor in E-A-T works with all others


Social Media Marketing ROI - a good slow and steady growth method

Digital Marketing Elements

Digital Marketing consists of marketing elements that are digital and used online. Using these all in a balanced combination with each other results in successful online presence for your company. The main components of Digital Marketing include:

Website Design

Your company’s digital journey starts online with a website. The website is the first impression that visitors will get of your company. The website is where you want to impress and court your visitor, help them find what they are looking for and show them how you can help them. You will want to engage them and make them feel welcome and informed. It is the start of your digital journey.

Search Engine Optimization

Next you need to make sure that potential customers can find you online via search results and map placement. This is a constantly changing environment that involves many different parts to make work. Dozens of factors determine your ranking in search results, each of which needs to be addressed and managed on an ongoing basis. Not tackling this phase makes everything else so much less effective.

Search Engine Marketing

Paid advertisements are a guarantee that you will get in front of potential customers. With paid ads, you can generate traffic to your website almost instantly. This is a great way to market a new service while you wait for SEO efforts to take effect. While Google dominates the market with their Ads, there are other online ad platforms that can be just as effective depending on your customer type.

Email Marketing

Just as important, if not more important is staying in contact with your existing customer base. A repeat customer is much easier to convince to buy more products or services than a new customer. Email Marketing is the best and most cost-effective method to stay in touch with customers and interested people. With the highest ROI of any marketing service, Email Marketing is an absolute MUST!

Content Marketing

An important part of a company’s online ranking is the knowledge it provides about its products, services, and industry in general. The search engines use the content from the website to determine the company’s Authority and then compare that to reviews and other feedback. Whether the content is incorporated into the various website pages or in a blog, Content Marketing is an important factor that must not be overlooked.

Social Media

Depending on the type of business you are in, a strong Social Media presence can be a deciding factor. Building a large following often leads to referrals and increased awareness about your company. Social Media is also a determining factor when it comes to search engines how they rank your website. Definitely a factor that varies in importance, but still a MUST for just about everyone.


What good does a marketing campaign do if you can’t analyze the results to determine what generated the best results. Analytics are an essential part of any digital marketing programs and help fine tune the campaign for optimal results. Analytics should be built into every part of your website and should be reviewed and studied constantly.

Press And Media

Who mentions your business and what are they saying about it is a critical part of building a website’s ranking online. The Press and Media provide excellent opportunities to get mentioned on high ranking websites. The search engines carefully analyze and monitor the online “buzz” about your company and then ranks your website pages accordingly.


Support may not be immediately identified with a Digital Marketing campaign, but the support offered by a business goes a long way to building customer satisfaction. Does your website adequately answer visitor’s questions, are they able to connect with your staff when it is convenient for them? Customers are fickle and will move on in an instant if their questions remain unanswered.

The Rewards

With the rapid growth of the internet and all the information available at peoples finger tips, the company that can properly market themselves digitally, the rewards can be unlimited. A properly laid out and executed online digital presence is much more effective and less expensive than maintaining a large physical presence. Call us today, we can help you optimize your business for the digital world.

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