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Refreshing your Identity involves much more than just updating your logo. In should involve a careful examination of your entire process and customer interactions. Refreshing your identity is an opportunity to let your customers know that you are make changes not only with your look, but also with how the overall experience.

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Does your Brand Identity lack spark or just seem tired? We can help refocus and update your branding with an effective new identity. Often a freshening up of your brand will get your customers excited again about your company and give sales a new boost.

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Brand Identity Recognition

Identity Focus

Refreshing your Identity involves much more than just updating your logo. In should involve a careful examination of your entire process and customer interactions. Refreshing your identity is an opportunity to let your customers know that you are make changes not only with your look, but also with the overall experience.

Any Identity revamp should focus on answering the value proposition that you provide your customers, the processes that enable you to create that value, and the products and services that enable you to deliver this value proposition.


Brand Authenticity as a key factor in consumer's decisions


Trust determines the customer's decision to purchase


Brand Recognition impacts how customers perceive you


Content is crucial and impacts your customer's decisions


Customer Service helps your brand stand out from the crowd

The Identity Revamp

With time, customer’s preferences transform and change. The big question is, can your company recognize this shift early enough and make the necessary refocus of their Identity in time to remain competitive? We have broken the refocus and revamp process down into approximately the following 7 stages:


Carefully analyzing the performance of your company over its history and comparing that against product launches, marketing campaigns, financial statements, and economic climate is the first step towards understanding your customer perception of your company’s brand and identity. Customer surveys and a review of the feedback received are other important factors to add to the equation.


Following up on your research it is time to properly identify the factors that resulted in previous successes and failures. It is also advisable to review your competitors’ performance and track it against your company’s. A company’s identity is not defined by its logo or branding, but rather by its culture and customer interaction. Renaming and rebranding will make no difference if there is no refinement in operations.


Once having identified your company’s strengths and weaknesses, it is time to develop a plan and strategy on how to refine and update the culture and operations. The plan needs to take into account the desired results and how to achieve these results. At this point, it is advisable to include the input and feedback from employees whose daily operations will be affected.


The new strategic plan will require to be developed and built out so that it can be implemented successfully. Business practices and procedures need to be revised, updated, and tweaked to align with the new company identity focus. Plans need to be put in place for employee training. If a logo update was included, then company signage, printed materials, and the website all need updating.


Rolling out and implementing a new identity can quickly evolve into a complex operation with many moving components. Not only do you have to have all the materials, training, and procedures in place, but you also need to explain to your customers what has changed and why. Customers are easily frustrated and changing things around without an explanation could easily drive them away.


Any successful refocus of a company’s brand identity must coincide with a promotion campaign. This campaign should promote the refocus while informing the customer what has changed and why it should matter to them. The Identity refocus is a perfect opportunity to win back former customers and entice new customers to consider your products and services.


The final phase of your Brand Identity Focus campaign is to evaluate the results of the campaign and how they compared to the original strategy and plan. Did the campaign address and solve the identified issues? If not, then additional steps may need to be implemented. Developing and maintaining a successful brand identity requires continuous effort and adjustment as markets and customers mature.

The Evolution

As companies grow and mature, they change and evolve. The culture changes and you often find that the original image that was portrayed even just a couple of years ago no longer fits properly. Or maybe your customer’s preferences and tastes have changed and your message and offering is no longer connecting like it used to. An update to your brand’s identity needs an updated so that it is current again and is properly focused for your customers. Successful companies constantly evolve and update their brand identity to help maintain their edge.

Back in Focus

We have helped many companies update and refocus their branding as they have evolved and grown. Give us a call today or fill out the quote request form below. We offer assistance with helping you develop a strategy and build and implement the plan for a success Brand Identity refocus and update.

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