Rack-Card Design | 3.3×11 | 2-Sided

Rack-Card Design | 3.3×11 | 2-Sided


Rack-Card Design | 3.3×11 | 2-Sided

  • With Purpose: to target and present to visitors and participants with the Mansion in May events. Available to print or send digitally via email/website.

    Customized design of two-sided sales piece (similar in theme to recent Ad Design we did for same event)

  • Option for 3.5×11 rack card format with ripcard feature
  • Provision of Industry Images/Content – focused on Lighting Control, AV, Shades, and Energy Management
  • Create QR Scan Code for call-to-action to clients pre-made landing page (https://einteractive.mailchimpsites.com/)
  • Three (3) rounds of revisions within 30 days
    • NOTE: to be done and ready to generate for event starting April 29th
  • Printing separate and available once design is complete | PDF for digital use to be provided as well

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