Core Contact Page

Core Contact Page


The Contact page is where your customers can get in touch with you, find support, and locate your office(s) and/or showroom(s).

Select the number of business locations, the number of location pages (we recommend 1 page per location to boost SEO), the type of contact form you want, and whether you want to supply web copy or have Rize write it for you.

Contact Page Options

We have configured the Contact Us page with several options. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us for a quote.

Contact Page

The main elements of the Contact Us page are contact details. The more ways you can provide your customers to contact someone, the better.

Ideally, you provide a form for customers to fill out, as well as an email address for customers who might prefer emailing you directly. You'll have to decide if receiving all your customer emails outweighs getting spam too.

Providing a physical address lends credibility to your business, assuring online customers that there is a location they can visit if there are unresolved issues.

A Google Map with directions to your location is especially important for businesses whose customers regularly visit their stores.

Larger stores may want to consider adding contact information for various departments and possibly include manager information.

As standard, we include the latest reCAPTCHA by Google to filter out robot form fillers. We offer 3 form options levels:

  • Small Forms: Includes up to 10 regular fields
  • Medium Forms: Includes up to 25 fields with lists, radio buttons and check boxes options
  • Large Forms: Includes up to 50 fields including all of the above field types

Number of Locations

The layout example shown in the section above is typical of a single-location Contact Us page layout; however, as your expanding business adds more showrooms and stores, you'll want your customers to easily find the nearest address. The best page layout option depends on your number of locations.


  • Single Location: You only need a single page with your location details.
  • 2-4 Locations: W recommend easily listing your locations on a single contact page, like the example on the left. Upgrading to a Large contact form enables customers to select which location they want to message.
  • 5-15 Locations: We recommend a landing page with a list and map showing all your locations. We link each location to its own page with relevant information, like specials or stock availability.
  • 15+ or Multi-City/State Locations: We recommend providing additional features like a "Location Search" or Geolocation finder that shows the closest store using GPS or Zip Codes. Please contact us for a custom quote for this type of Contact Us application.

Sample Contact Pages

Below are several sample Core Contact pages that illustrate the use of layers and forms.

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