Core Package Home Page

Core Package Home Page


The Home Page of any website is the most important page of any website. It should be the “Cliff Notes” version of your business where a visitor can quickly see what your business is all about. The home page should also include a couple of “Call-to-Action” modules that entice the visitor to sign up, call, or chat with the business.

We have put together 5 standard and 5 premium pre-designed layouts for the Core Websites. If you are unsure which layout fits you best, choose SELECT LATER

Standard Layout - Engage Standard Layout - Convert Standard Layout - Pulse Standard Layout - Talent Standard Layout - Boost Standard Layout SELECT LATER Premium Layout - Grand Easy +$750.00 Premium Layout - Destiny Grow +$750.00 Premium Layout - Margin Build +$750.00 Premium Layout - Drive Response +$750.00 Premium Layout - Construct Lead +$750.00 Premium Layout SELECT LATER +$750.00

Adds a layer with up to 25 logos of your primary brands scrolling from left to right

Contact forms are the best way to let your site visitors introduce themselves.

Prompt an immediate response from your website visitor

Testimonials are a great way to build trust with your visitors

Website Home Page

As the most important page of your website, the home page not only sets the atmosphere of your site, but is also where you provide your customers with a quick overview of your business. Below, we list details of each element of the home page.

Home Page Header

The header or "hero" image at the top of the home page is the first thing your visitors will see. Keeping with the philosophy that first impressions are everything, many websites concentrate their efforts on the header.

What type of header should you have? It depends on your preferences: a single hero image loads quickly and can easily get your message across; a slideshow can highlight products, services, and specials, but they take longer to load and some visitors don't want to wait; A header with a video background is sure to capture your visitor's attention, but a well-crafted video costs a lot of money and significantly slows your website's loading speed.

Home Page Layers

Website home pages contain layers that are each used to feature something you want your visitors to notice. These layers give visitors a quick summary of your website, so you can kind of think of a layer like a "Cliff Note" for a full-length section or page.

A layer can contain the latest article in your blog, provide a quick introduction to your business, or display the latest project pictures. Layers can also contain calls-to-action like a promotion or special.

How many layers should a home page have? It all depends on what you want to summarize! The average website usually has between 3-6 layers, but some have many more.


Your sales people need to ask for the sale when talking with potential customers, and so should your website. The most effective ways to achieve this is with well-placed and appropriate Call-to-Actions. Below are some of the many types of Call-to-Actions that we try to incorporate into each of our website designs.


  • Contact Forms
  • Limited Time Promotions
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Popup Reminders
  • Survey Forms
  • Request A Call Back
  • Live Chat

Types of Forms

Forms are another excellent way to engage and communicate with your customers. Many people have questions after-hours and a contact form is the perfect way for them to ask questions or request a call back. Some of the more popular types of forms include:


  • Contact Form
  • Survey Form
  • Newsletter Subscription Form
  • Job Application Form

Sample Home Page

Below are several sample Core Website home pages that illustrate the use of layers and call to actions.

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