Culture + Careers with Application Form

Culture + Careers with Application Form


  • New dedicated page for “Culture + Careers” added to menu
  • Page layout layers to include:
    • Header photo, title, and anchor links to sections of the page
    • Culture:
      • Creative layout of 2-3 layers formatted with client-supplied content about company culture with mini gallery of photos. (ie. professional and casual team photos, jobsite photos, etc.)
    • Careers:
      • Layer with message: “See if you’re the right fit for HomeSmart” followed by instructions to take Personality / Skills Tests – linked to or embed code from client-supplied third-party sources
      • Followed by list of Positions within the company in accordion format – each with description and ability to take next step to “Apply Now” (manage the list of positions and details within WordPress)
  • Online Application Form(s) Creation:
    • Fully formatted custom set of form fields as official online application form
    • Lineup of fields matching similar to example provided –
    • Initial application form created – with ability for HomeSmart to create duplicate forms if preferred to have individual forms per position
    • Info gathered and emailed to email address of choice in basic text format
  • Includes New Banner Bar attached to footer of every page – with message and call-to-action button about “Joining the Team” – link to New Culture + Careers Page
    • Also adding button to intro layer of Home Page to drive traffic as well
  • Includes minor tweaks and adjustments to pages (< 1 hour)

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