Premium Advantage Managed Active Hosting

Premium Advantage Managed Active Hosting

StudioTask Managed Active Hosting

Premium Advantage Managed Active Hosting

Multi-level Protection

Combining multiple firewall levels with redundant daily site backups ensures maximum site safety

World-Class Performance

Scalable shared and dedicated servers with all solid state drives and the latest technology CPUs

Global Infrastructure

Worldwide geolocated 40 Gbps fiber connected data centers with built-in DDoS protection

DDoS Protection

Our servers automatically detect and mitigate Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks on your website

StudioTask Managed Active Hosting

Most "standard" website hosting platforms are little more than shared storage solutions for your supplied files. What happens to your files is your problem!!!

Our StudioTask Managed Active Hosting is much, much more...

Managed Active: We ensure that our servers and websites run the latest code and make the necessary updates all at no extra charge. We also actively monitor all our websites and personally address any issues that many arise.

Technology Platform: We start with a blank dedicated, high-performance server on which we only load those services that are necessary to run your website optimally. Our servers only host our clients, whose reputation we carefully monitor.

Geographic Hosting: While the entire world is connected via the Internet, there is a distinct advantage to hosting your website geographically closer to your physical location. Distance still affects speed and latency. We have 11 server locations around the world with more coming.

Enhanced Security: We have multiple layers of security built into our hosting servers that actively and continuously monitors everything to ensure that your website remains healthy and online.

Dallas, TX

Atlanta, GA

Newark, NJ

San Francisco, CA

Toronto, Canada

London, UK

Frankfurt, Germany

Mumbai, India


Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia

11 Geo Locations

Location, location, location so the saying goes. While this is meant usually for the physical location of a brick and mortar store, the same applies for website hosting locations, especially for businesses that work mainly in a local geographic area.

A website's hosting location affects load times which can impact the customer experience dramatically for your clients. The server location can also be a determining factor on the accessibility of your websites. Most internet outages are localized to specific areas, so if your business servers customers in California, but your website is hosted in New York or even offshore and there is an outage on the east coast your west coast clients will still be able to access most websites except yours.


Hosting Add-ons

We offer 2 add-on options with our hosting plans.

Health Check

Every month we run several of our technical and SEO tools to check the overall health of your website and provide you with a report.

The report will list any issues that have appeared during the past month. These issues are often items like a manufacturer video that was replaced or removed, or possibly a dead link in an article. In most instances you fix these issues yourself, or you can request a quote.


With the maintenance add-on, we not only run the monthly health check, but will also perform any necessary updates.

Hosting Optional Upgrades

With our hosting plans we have added several advanced options:

Dedicated DNS Management: The DNS (Domain Name Servers) are the internet's traffic directors. Our dedicated DNS management enables us to manage all your DNS setting via an easy to use dashboard.

5 Year Website Update: For a small monthly fee we will update your website every 5 years at no additional cost*. Decide that you want to update your website before the 5 year period is up? We will then apply the balance of what you paid in towards the cost of the new website. Note that these payments are none transferable towards any other product or service and not refundable in the event you move your website and hosting.

*Does not include additional features or pages.

Website Image and Content Licenses

Most of our website designs and packages include the majority of images and much of the starter content. The following are the license details:

Rize-Supplied Images: All images are the exclusive property of Rize Marketing Company unless a specific paid contract has purchased the images for your website.

Manufacturer-Supplied Images: Before we are able to use any manufacturer-supplied images, you must inform us that you have licenses to these images as a dealer for said manufacturer.

Customer-Supplied Images: Any images supplied by our clients remain the exclusive property of our clients.

Rize Starter Content: All content will remain the exclusive property of Rize Marketing Company unless there is a specific paid contract for the custom writing of the content for your website.

Rize Custom Written Content: Custom written content that has been purchased is the exclusive property of the customer.

Speed Tests

Determine the current speed and latency to your server.

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