Website “Solar Page” Updates

Website “Solar Page” Updates


Website “Solar Page” Updates

Purpose: to enhance and implement strategic changes to the content and photos along with slight adjustments to layout to improve the overall message and call-to-action.


  • Rework top hero layer
    • Format new title/message along left side
      • Ex. “Going solar has never been easier for your DC Metro home.”
      • Ex. “Sunny days ahead for the mid-atlantic with all new solar solutions!”
    • Add Phone # and call-to-action button for “Getting a Free Quote” and mention of “Calculate Your Savings” pointing to existing calculator repositioned to the right side.
  • Second layer updates – update title to “If you’re considering Solar Energy, you’re in the right place”.
    • Some tweaks to text below to better incorporate “Trinity” into wording
      • Adding noticeable bullet points for key reasons why one should choose Trinity – with matching icons overlayed on image for added attention
        • Local family owned and operated with stellar reputation (not some nationwide corporation that won’t know your first name)
        • A full turnkey process from start to finish – from consultation to permits to installation and ongoing friendly service
        • Integrate into existing account for easy control and management
  • Add new video layer for featured Video from Solar Video –
  • Update some/most photos with the Trinity-supplied photos (or similar we can find) to better represent the style of solar panels actually installed
  • Benefits layer updates:
    • Swap places with How it Works content positioning it more towards the top
    • Title text – (first line big): “Is solar really worth it? (add subtitle second line) Yes! For starters, here are 3 good reasons why we think so.”
      • Save Money
      • Save the Environment – (new content blurb written)
      • Stable Energy – (new content blurb written)
    • Add a mini-layer “Did You Know?” directly below these to place the current content for additional benefits of “Federal Tax Credits” and “Increased Home Value”
  • How it Works layer updates – update title to “How does solar installation work?” (add subtitle second line) “It’s actually easier than you might think – and Trinity takes care of the whole process”
  • Testimonials layer updates – update title to something like “Trinity – the region’s trusted name in home and business technology since 2001”
    • Add badge of some kind to show Google Reviews – 200+ 5-Star Reviews
  • Call-to-Action layer updates – replace title with something like “Ready to learn more about solar for your home?” (and for subtitle) “Contact Us for a Free Consultation and Quote. Call 800-613-1874 or fill out the form”
    • Add button below subtitle as well with message “Want to first see how much you can save with Solar?” – with button linking back up to the Savings Estimator/Calculator at the top of the page

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