Website Updates for Orangewire

Website Updates for Orangewire


Proposed is a series of updates to the front-end of the website for a fresh aesthetic appearance as well as improved call-to-action and overall experience. This will set the stage for the ongoing SEO and Content Plan moving forward outline on the following pages.

Menu / Footer General Updates

  • Remove “Home” and enlarge/bolden remaining menu items
  • Enlarge/bolden phone number along with call-to-action text
  • Relabel “Systems” to Solutions – and put first
  • Relabel “Process” to How It Works
  • Remove/Hide “Featured Project” – leaving main “Portfolio” gallery
  • Footer – remove contact form – replace with banner/bar with call-to-action message and link to Contact Us page

Home Page Updates

  • Replace slider with new single hero image and overlay message with call-to-action button
  • Update intro layer text – formatting to sentence-case
  • Update Environments layer to title “Solutions” – replace current 3 blocks with two rows of 4 (total 8) – each linked to corresponding pages
  • Featured Product/Solution Layer – with graphic, blurb and action button to contact or learn more
  • Add Reviews layer – grabbing several 5-Stars from Google Review

Solutions Section (previously “Systems”)

  • Add Systems landing page to help improve navigation and customer experience
  • Expand each service page to a 3 layer enhanced page layout – add text layer and video layer – with standard Rize content where applicable – additional content can be added anytime via StudioTask
  • NOTE: SEO Plan (outlined separately on following page) to start introducing enhanced content landing pages (1500+ words) for specific solutions

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Update About Us page to create 2 separate layers each with photos to go along current text – photos ideally more personal of OrangeWire – either of owner (Dave) or similar
  • Replace current set of Videos with 8 new videos (ie. Control4, Sonos, etc.)

NOTE: Additional edits to update images, add/remove pages, or any other change requests are available at an additional cost estimated hourly. ($150/hr)

Custom Orders

Custom Order As Quoted

For many of our projects we provide a custom quote via proposal or email. For order details please refer to your quote or proposal.

All our standard Service Terms and Condtions including Hosting Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies apply to all our orders. By purchasing this custom product or service you agree to all our terms and conditions.

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