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AES IntelliNet Dealer Videos

Advertise, promote, and explain how the AES IntelliNet Alarm Monitoring solution works and what it’s benefits are with a full branded video with your company information. Courtesy of Southwest Dispatch and Rize Marketing, you can now receive this video at a fraction of the cost of having your own created!

AES IntelliNet Dealer Video

Branded AES IntelliNet video includes a logo opener with your company logo, an update to the voice over with a mention of your company, and then a video outro with your company contact details including phone, email, and website. Great for marketing your company’s AES IntelliNet and Southwest Dispatch alarm monitoring services to your customers. Order your’s today!

The base video includes the following updates to the video shown above:

  • Your company logo intro.
  • Updated voice over mentioning your company name.
  • Outro page with your company logo and contact information.
  • Finalized video will be delivered in the .mp4 video format.

Turn around time 1-2 weeks after receipt of company logo files. Company Logo files must be in vector format (.ai or .eps). Revisions will be charged at our standard hourly rate, none are included.

AES IntelliNet Dealer Video Options

Looking to further customize the AES IntelliNet video for your company? Prices listed are in addition to the base video price. Check out these options below!

Select A Different Model

This will replace the current model in the video with the model selected below. All models use the same script.

Additional Video Customizations

Are you looking for additional video customizations like a different model? Maybe you want to be in the video yourself or you want to add a new section about other services or additional locations. Please fill out the contact form below and someone will reach out to discuss your requirements so we can put together a quote!

AES Video Customization Request

Fire Alarm Labels

Brand and label your fire alarm panels with these co-branded labels sponsored by Southwest Dispatch Center. These labels are available configured as roll labels which are perfect to store securely on your vans and work trucks, and loose labels for those companies that just need a few for each installer.

Fire Alarm Panel Roll Labels

Having the Fire Alarm Panel labels on a roll makes it so much easier to use and maintain. Keep a roll on each truck so that your technician never misplaces the label or leaves them behind in the office.

The label come up to a maximum of 500 labels per roll and come with a matte surface that is easy to write on with the Customer Account number and the Passcode.

Fire Alarm Panel Cut Labels

These individually cut labels are ideal for those companies that only want to take a few labels to each job site. Spread your labels among many technicians and/or jobsites.

The label come with a matte surface that is easy to write on with the Customer Account number and the Passcode.

Additional Video Options

Videos are an effective way of engaging your customers. We offer many more types of videos that may benefit your marketing strategies.

Explainer Videos

These videos can help your customers understand how your product or service can help them with their challenges. They typically focus on explaining how the buyer can overcome an issue by hiring the company or purchasing their product.

Demonstration Videos

These videos show the customer how something works and can be an effective way to sell customers on your product or service. Ideally these videos show your customers the benefits and operation of your products.

Product Review Videos

Product reviews showcase a customer’s opinion about products they purchase. These can be very effective in helping buyers make a purchase decision. Product review videos can help viewers understand how consumers have used your products or services and possibly answer questions they might have.

Announcement Videos

Announcement videos share a specific piece of information with your viewers, like the release of a new product or the opening of a new store. These videos can contain engaging images, advertising slogans, and other elements that generate excitement about an announcement.

Presentation Videos

Presentation videos can be created in multiple formats: a combination of animated slides in video format, video files and audio sources packed on a single video file, a video recording made in interview format, a video documentary, etc. The concept behind a video presentation is that they can easily bring multiple types of formats together.

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