Don’t settle for just getting found through your SEO efforts. Invest in an SEO plan that ensures your ideal customers can find you. SEO is an ongoing effort, and the success you see will solely depend on the effort you put into it. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, so let us explain why our Local SEO plans are a bang for your buck. Our services are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that every business is unique, so we offer a customized approach to SEO, focusing on comprehensive keyword research, optimized local listings, on-page SEO strategies, and reputation management. Together, these efforts will ensure you are found by local customers looking for your services.

Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keywords play a substantial role in SEO, so finding and analyzing relevant terms for the audience searching for you is vital. Their search terms must appear on your website to match those searches.

Our team extensively researches the keyword difficulty, number of monthly searches, and relevance to your services. Keyword difficulty describes the popularity of a keyword and the level of competition there is for it. The more popular a specific keyword or phrase is, the harder it is to stand out. Additionally, we will perform tests to understand your visitors’ intent when searching, which can be any of the following: navigational, informational, commercial, or transactional. For instance, if Tom searches “best home security system,” he is likely still researching the topic, so this is considered informational. Likewise, if he searches “home security system Chicago,” he’s probably looking to buy a system, and his intent is considered transactional. 

Knowing the intention, volume, and difficulty will allow us to choose appropriate keywords for your company and services. We can then tailor the content on your website to better match when someone searches for keywords that describe you and your services so that you naturally filter to the top of the results.

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Optimized Local Listings

Search engines like Google and Bing offer free business listings through Google Business Profile and Bing Places for Business. Utilizing these free tools is essential for gaining more regionally targeted traffic to your website and getting noticed by search engines and potential customers. These listings are digital billboards, and when people search for your business or anything related, they will get fast information about you and your services.

Optimizing these local listings is a no-brainer when it comes to effortless marketing. When optimizing your profile, we will include your operating hours, logo, website link, phone number, street address, and business photos. We will also list the services you offer and your coverage area. The key to complete optimization is accurately categorizing your business. Google, in particular, allows one main category and ten additional subcategories. These areas are likely the most significant part of your business profile, as they tell your audience the most information.

On-page SEO Strategies

On-page SEO, as defined by Hubspot, is optimizing various front-end and back-end website components to rank in search engines and attract new traffic. On-page SEO components include content, site architecture, and HTML elements that tailor your website’s content and metadata to rank higher for local searches. Other elements include visual content, page titles, headers, meta descriptions, image alt-text, structured markup, page URLs, internal linking, mobile responsiveness, and site speed.

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In short, optimizing these areas will tell search engines about your website and what value you provide to visitors. After updating your website content to reflect the relevant keywords and appropriate titles and headers, selecting images and proper alt-text is vital. We know some of the key on-page SEO strategies can get more technical than most feel comfortable doing themselves, and that’s why we offer a variety of Local SEO packages to get you started.

Reputation Management

Reputation management helps you gather and manage online reviews to build trust with potential customers and remain constant for others who might see your brand regularly. Rumors and bad reviews on the Internet spread like wildfire these days, so it’s crucial to manage and protect public perceptions of your business. The reviews left on search engines and social media can be easily found by those looking at your business, so you want them to be positive.

When protecting your online reputation, you want to ensure your channels stay consistent and precise with images and messages that outline your company’s guidelines and trademarks. Through reputation management, you want to cultivate a positive user experience from start to finish, and this can be accomplished by listening to all customer feedback and responding to customers with helpful, actionable solutions. Our team can help you remain consistent across all channels while responding and interacting with your customers in real time.

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Rize Above

Invest in a successful SEO strategy today and watch your business rize above your competitors. Our SEO strategists will help you develop a plan unique to your business, needs, and location. The above steps, comprehensive keyword research, optimized local listings, on-page SEO, and reputation management, will help you reach your business growth goals by finding new, worthy customers. Contact us today to learn more!

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