Advertising in motion; marketing at 60 MPH. That’s what branded vehicle graphics get you. Think of the last time you saw a branded vehicle that caught your attention. Vehicle graphics often captivate people because they stand out in the crowd. Drivers pass many blank, solid-colored vehicles, so they almost always spare a glance when they see something with pizazz. Marketing is ever-evolving, but traditional methods are still proving to be successful. While some companies are gaining traffic on social media, that method relies heavily on consumers searching for and visiting them. However, utilizing vehicle graphics meets consumers where they are, literally. Don’t be the person with the solid white van; use that space for advertising!

Marketing Benefits

According to a study by Gitnux, 78% of motorists believe that a vehicle wrap positively impacts the brand image, and 62% of people feel vehicle wrap advertising significantly impacts brand credibility. Vehicle wraps have an average cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of only 77¢ and reach up to 850,000 people in major cities. While not every one of those impressions will stick and turn into a lead, vehicle graphics are great for repeated exposure that costs you nothing. Likewise, vehicles with graphics are advertising without effort. If your company vehicle is parked outside your business or at a job site, your company is still getting exposure. More exposure comes with the many miles and people it will pass daily. Let’s look at ways to maximize your marketing efforts through custom vehicle wraps.

Person sitting at desk working on designing vehicle graphics

Custom Design Wraps

Our team at Rize AVS is diligent about creating designs that properly represent your brand on your vehicle, thereby enabling you to reach the maximum number of potential customers daily. We help you develop a clear and concise message that will help bring customers to your business through our strategic planning and designing. Our vehicle wrap design process begins with a creative briefing where we will discuss your brand’s colors, logos and slogans, services, and any other relevant information to include in the graphics. We have a vast AVS industry image library that we can use for our designs so that your message is loud and clear; we even have access to product images to more accurately show the types of products you provide to customers. We’ll then discuss the vehicle itself and the coverage you’d like.

Types of Coverage

The most successful vehicle graphics are the ones that portray the right messaging, not the ones that cover every inch of the vehicle. The old saying “quality over quantity” can also apply to the coverage of your vehicle graphics. As long as your vehicle wrap gives your audience accurate information about your company, you can deem it successful. Despite this, we offer various coverage graphics to fit your needs and budget best. Our custom-design wraps come in full, partial, and spot wraps, with stickers and magnets available, too. When dealing with full or partial coverage, our designers consider the layout of your specific vehicle, taking note of any windows, doors, seams, or curves. We want to ensure that your wrap is eye-catching, regardless of the coverage.

Different vehicle coverage options

Tips for Wraps that Stand Out

When investing in a vehicle wrap design, it’s essential to have something catchy that stands out in a crowd. Color is arguably the most crucial element of vehicle wraps. TKO Graphix shares that when choosing colors for your vehicle graphics, it may not be the specific color but how the vehicle and graphics colors contrast. A yellow wrap on a white van will likely not be as legible as desirable. Contrasting colors like blue and white increase readability, especially when the vehicle is moving. Likewise, when wraps are too busy, they can be difficult and dangerous to read while in motion. Our experienced designers will find the right balance between the necessary information and an eye-catching design.

Choosing the Right Wrapper & Finish

Selecting the right wrap company is just as crucial as the design itself. Numerous finish options can enhance your message’s visibility and durability against the elements. Some finishes include metallic, gloss, matte, carbon fiber, or micro-perforated. The appropriate wrap for you mainly depends on your local elements. Too much direct sunlight can make the wrap fade over time. Likewise, in colder climates where road salting is necessary, the salt can corrode the wrap material if not correctly maintained. The wrap company you choose will be able to help you decide what type of finish you need to maximize your vehicle graphics’ longevity and success.

Two branded vehicles parked beside one another

Rize on the Road

Vehicle wraps advertise 24/7 for business and create impressions wherever they are. On average, vehicle graphics generate 101 impressions per mile, making it more successful than any other type of advertising media. Are you ready to effortlessly transform your vehicles into powerful mobile billboards? Contact us today to discuss your vehicle graphics needs and take the first step towards enhancing your brand visibility and driving business growth.

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