Consumers are given choices daily and usually buy a name-brand product rather than an unfamiliar one. A recent study shows that 50% of consumers will likely buy from a company whose logo they easily recognize. Additionally, Hubspot shares that direct traffic is the top source of website traffic, suggesting that brand awareness plays a crucial role in a company’s audience reach. One way to build this recognition is through branded products your target audience regularly sees. Let’s look at what branded gear can do for you and a few of our favorite options for the AVS industry.

Increase Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is how well your target audience and potential customers can recall your brand and identify your products. It indicates how well your audience differentiates your products from competitors. If your logo, colors, or slogan is something people see often, they will begin psychologically associating with your brand. Take Amazon Alexa, for example. You probably recognize their brand even if you don’t own a smart home assistant. Not only is their logo identifiable amongst others, but the voice of Alexa is, too.

Two parked company branded vehicles

Improve Customer Loyalty

Research shows that 57% of customers spend more money on brands they’re loyal to. Customer loyalty is the natural effect of positive experiences, satisfaction with your products, and the perceived value of a strong brand, according to Frontify. Loyal customers are often repeating and more vocal, tending to share about your company with friends, family, and all who will listen. Branded products can psychologically improve customer loyalty, as well. If your brand is prevalent enough, people will default to choosing you.

Rize Branded Products

As marketing professionals, we understand the importance of branded products, no matter the use case. In the AVS industry, there are a handful of products that, time and time again, make the difference in closing a sale. Don’t rely on trial and error; here are our favorite products!

Branded Rack Panels

With new builds, homes and businesses alike, the owner isn’t always involved in finding installation companies for their AV or security needs. Frequently, this step is part of the builder’s process, whether by bidding on the project or choosing to work with their partners. To remind the owner who did their initial installation, use rack panels with your logo, contact information, or a QR code to your website. This method is much more durable and long-lasting than traditional leave-behind efforts. You don’t want to risk someone removing a taped business card or sticker, so investing in laser-engraved rack panels will ensure your contact information is nearby when someone needs it.

Equipment rack with branded panels

Additionally, branded rack panels help with ownership turnover in homes or businesses. For example, you installed a home theater for the Martins in 2020, but in 2023, they moved across the country due to a career change. The new home buyers settled into the home in early 2024 and need routine maintenance on their system. If, back in 2020, you placed a branded rack panel in the equipment rack, they will quickly be able to check and contact you. Likewise, when a business IT department experiences personnel changes, a branded rack panel will allow them to contact you for maintenance, upgrades, or new projects.

Rack panels are not only limited to contact information or your logo. Adding a QR code to your support ticket system or instruction manuals is another option for mishaps after hours. A rack panel prominently displaying your brand inspires confidence, builds trust, and streamlines the identification process, ensuring a lasting impression that resonates with your customers.

Vehicle Graphics

Your company vehicles are more than just modes of transportation; they’re mobile billboards that can reach potential customers wherever they go. A strategically designed vehicle wrap will catch the eye and quickly convey the name of your business, a brief description of your services, and how to contact you. Don’t neglect the whitespace on your company vehicles; it’s a prime area for advertising.

We strongly believe that branded vehicles raise the eyebrows and curiosity of bystanders in the area. They might not see your employee uniforms, but they will see your company vehicle parked in their neighborhood. Curious minds might begin researching you and later decide they need your services.

Salesperson speaking to people

Branded Uniforms

In the AVS industry, where technicians enter homes, uniforms offer a sense of security and professionalism. Chances are, the home or business owner will be skeptical of someone trying to enter while wearing “street” clothes. A simple fix is branded uniforms, whether shirts, jackets, or even hats. Visible branding on your technicians can instantly instill trust in your company and employee’s capabilities.

Not only can this help while your employees are on the clock, but it is also a good trick for getting your company publicity within the community. For instance, locals might see your employees in their uniforms at Walmart after work hours. One glance at your gear might not immediately guarantee a new project, but the more often someone sees your brand, the more likely they will remember it when they have a new project.


Imagine that someone has contacted you for a consultation regarding a new alarm system for their home. When your team can present your products and services with well-crafted and professional print materials, your brand transitions to a trusted industry authority. However, new projects aren’t the only use case for print materials. Branded maintenance guides or instruction manuals are valuable to customers. Use literature to explain common trouble points and their remedies to avoid emergency callouts for simple fixes.

Businessman showing woman a catalog

Additionally, you can use literature to ensure your tradeshow visitors remember you when they return to the office. Your handouts are easy to lose in the pile if they don’t stand out. They might remember a conversation with someone, but it’s easy to forget names. Any leave-behind material you can give them will ensure your brand remains at the forefront and allow them to reach out to you.

Watch Your Brand Identity Rize

Brand recognition and awareness is a gradual process that will continue as your company grows and expands. It is vital to consider where to add these products to your everyday routine to maximize their effect. Contact us today to explore our wide range of branded products and discover how we can help amplify your brand’s presence!

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